Comprehensive Civil Engineering Solutions

At NDA, our commitment to excellence extends to a diverse range of civil engineering services.

Our dedicated teams of civil engineering professionals are unwavering in their dedication to delivering a seamless, professional experience from project inception to successful completion.

Our expansive repertoire of services encompasses:

  • Footpath and Carriageway Construction - catering to various surface types.

  • Brickwork - Construction of chamber and enclosure builds.

  • Concrete - Plinth and slab builds, specialising in substation construction.

  • Deep Excavation - NDA can provide Temporary Works services offering complete construction of your deep excavation, ensuring safe and secure construction at lower surface depths.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and seasoned expertise in the field, we are poised to meet and exceed your project requirements. Thanks to the size and capability of our civil engineering team, we can confidently undertake contracts and projects of all scales throughout the UK. Our collaborative work with local councils and construction companies across the UK and London underscores our commitment to excellence.

Rest assured, we prioritise safety; our full insurance coverage is a testament to this commitment.

To kickstart your project journey, we offer free site assessments before formalising any contract. For inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to call us at 07532181718.

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